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    ✅ VENERE RESIDENCES: Superb boutique project ✅ Very luxurious and very stylish Apartments located on the beautiful golf course of Cabopino Golf, east of Marbella city. ✅ Spectacular location ✅ Panoramic views of the coastline and the blue Mediterranean Sea ✅Prices from €430.000

    New Properties For Sale ✅Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain ✅ New Apartments and Villas ✅ Buy with Security and Bank Guarantee ✅ Independant Advice!

    ✅ REAL DE LA QUINTA: Best private resort in Spain ✅ Spectacular 180 degrees open panoramic sea views to the entire coastline ✅ For a life in safety, relaxation, beauty and luxury ✅ All apartments are very spacious in size, high-quality finishes ✅ Prices from €495,000.

    New Properties For Sale ✅Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain ✅ New Apartments and Villas ✅ Buy with Security and Bank Guarantee ✅ Independant Advice!




    Since 2002 we are real estate specialists in Marbella specialized in looking for QUALITY NEWLY BUILT APARTMENTS and VILLAS on the COSTA DEL SOL, particularly in the following select locations: Marbella, Malaga city, Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Benahavís, Fuengirola, Míjas and Estepona.

    We are known for our integrity and the exceptional level of service that we offer to all our customers. We would like to help you find in a pleasant, smooth, and professional way exactly the house that suits you! After all, buying property in Spain is very different compared to buying a property in UK or anyother European country. As local agents (continuously in Marbella since 2002) we know the local market and the procedures to be followed like no one else. In addition to finding the property that exactly matches your profile and that of your family, other matters are also important, such as choosing a good English-speaking lawyer, checking and investigating all documents (“due diligence”), the support with the description and above all, and not to be underestimated: A GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE AFTER YOUR PURCHASE !!!

    We go further than anyone in our investigation and judgment! We also look at the quality of the construction and finish, the solvency and track record of the promoter/construction company, the location, the future destination of the surrounding environment, the price of course, the payment conditions and the guarantees given to the buyer.

    AFTER-SALE SERVICE is certainly not something that everyone pays equal attention to. However, it is something that is very important for all buyers. Knowing that you can count on a good after-sales service is something very reassuring: that small, but not unimportant things such as requesting a telephone and an internet connection, or carrying out small modifications or renovations do not create unnecessary annoyance and frustration. You are our customer. And you may know that we are in the breach for you! After all, we always put the interests of our customers first!

    About our work in brief:
    – ✅ We listen very carefully to all your wishes regarding the ideal home that you have in mind.
    – ✅ We filter the best quality projects from more than 200 local projects.
    – ✅ We plan, in consultation with you, the visits to the projects you have preselected.
    – ✅ We advise you in choosing the most suitable property for you.
    – ✅ We help you during the entire purchasing process.
    – ✅ We can help you to find a good lawyer who represents and defends your interests in Spain.
    – ✅ We offer you a unique After-sales Assistance!

    And all this, totally free for you!

    Our reimbursement is already included in the fixed marketing and promotion budget of every promoter. So even if you go directly to the promoter, the price remains exactly the same! So, maybe it is better to contact us first! It does not cost you an extra euro, but you will get so much useful information and service for free! So, do not wait any longer and send us an email with all your questions and describe in detail what kind of property you are looking for, and what your preference is in terms of environment and location. Include your telephone number in so we may contact you by telephone in order to conduct an initial exploratory conversation with you.

    Based on your search criteria, we will then start sending you information from appropriate new construction projects. With the help of your feedback we can arrive at a good pre-selection within a period of 2 weeks which fully meets all your wishes. Once that is done, it’s time to book the plane to Malaga and see the pre-selected projects. A period of 4 to 5 days is ideal in order to have the necessary time to make the right choice and to appoint a lawyer who will initiate the purchase procedure.
    Once you are back home in your home country, we will continue to closely monitor the case for you here in Spain and will keep you constantly informed!

    With best regards,
    Elie Rummens
    Real Estate Costa del Sol

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    Experts in newly built properties.
    16 years experience in Costa del Sol.


    We recommend you what you really need according to your budget.


    Our advice is totally free of charge.


    All your payments are fully backed by a bank guarantee in place.
    No money loss. Risk free purchase.

    New Properties For Sale ✅Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain ✅ New Apartments and Villas ✅ Buy with Security and Bank Guarantee ✅ Independant Advice!
    New Properties For Sale ✅Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain ✅ New Apartments and Villas ✅ Buy with Security and Bank Guarantee ✅ Independant Advice!


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    There are various taxes and costs associated with the purchase of a new-build villa or a new-build apartment in Spain. The total cost that must be added on top of the purchase price of the new building is around 13.5%.
    The different costs are:
    VAT: 10% VAT comes on top of the purchase price.
    STAMP DUTY: 1.5% of the purchase price (or slightly lower)
    NOTARY FEE: The notary fees are set by an official scale and the costs depend on the selling price and size of the property and its value.
    PROPERTY REGISTRY COST: Approx. in the same order as the notary fees, and are the costs for registering your property in the Property Registry (“Registro de la Propiedad”).
    LAWYERS’ FEE: standard 1% of the purchase price

    From the moment of delivery, the project developer is responsible for any defects in the home and he is obliged to repair:
    • Up to 1 year after delivery for poorly finished small works
    • Up to 3 years after delivery for minor defects
    • Up to 5 years after delivery for major defects
    • Up to 10 years after delivery for major structural defects

    The autonomous government of Andalucía (“Junta de Andalucía”) has taken steps to introduce a decision to better protect consumers after the 2008 banking crisis. At the national level too, many measures have since been taken to ensure that only financially strong companies can meet the imposed requirements with regards to the financing of their projects. All project developers are also required to present a complete information package to a potential buyer.
    For example, information must be provided regarding the identification of the builder, the designer, the project manager, the project developer and any intermediary involved in the sale.
    All information about the project must also be submitted: floor plans, specifications of the buildings, dimensions, delivery date, guarantees on devices and equipment, general terms and conditions of sale, property registration details and information about insurance on construction. Spanish law requires the purchase contract to state a delivery date with a penalty for delay. This clause states that the new building must be transferred within “x” days after the license of first occupation (“licencia de primera ocupación”) is issued by the town planning department of the municipality.

    The project developer must also be able to present a bank guarantee (or insurance) for all payments made by the buyer. Both for the payments made when signing the purchase contract and all other further payments made during the construction period. With a bank guarantee you have the guarantee that you can recover all your money 100%, in case of non-realization of the construction, even in the case of bankruptcy of the construction company.
    In recent years there have also been many rulings from the Spanish courts in favor of foreign buyers, whereby the bank that had received the down-payments – and in this case the bankruptcy of the construction company/promoter – was obliged to refund all down-payments made to be paid to the foreign buyer.It is therefore safe to say that in the year 2020 the buyer of real estate in Spain is very well protected.

    1. – Community Fees
    They are agreed among all co-owners in function of the services provided (cleaning, monitoring, maintenance of gardens and swimming pools, etc …). Payment is monthly although some communities offer prompt payment discounts for twice-yearly or yearly payments.
    2. – “Basura” or Spanish for garbage collection. To be paid in July.
    3. – “IBI” or the property tax, to be paid 1x/year in the month of July. The amount of the “IBI” tax depends on the area of ​​the apartment or villa (including the share of the common areas) and the municipality. (It is a city tax)

    To give you an idea, and purely as a guideline:
    – IBI tax for a 2 bedroom apartment – target amount: between 750 and 1,000 Euros
    – IBI tax for a 3 bedroom apartment – target amount: between 900 and 1200 Euros
    – IBI tax for a 4 bedroom apartment – target amount: between 1200 and 1400 Euros
    – IBI tax for a 3 to 5 bedroom villa – target amount: between 1,500 and 3,500 Euros

    ✅ – RENTAL INCOME (real rental income or fictional income)
    1. 👉  when renting out the property (= real rental income).
    Tax based on the actual rental income – for the period that the property is actually let.
    This rental income must be reported quarterly to the Spanish tax authorities.
    For a NON-RESIDENT and EU RESIDENT, the rental income is taxed at the fixed rate of 19%.

    2.  👉 in the case of non-rental of the property (= notional rental income)
    The tax to be paid is 19% calculated on the tax rate of 1.1% on the cadastral value (= the taxable value) of the property. This tax rate can reach a maximum of 2.2% for large assets with many properties. Declaration must be made before December of each year. (1x/year declaration)

    Example: An apartment has a cadastral value of 300,000 Euros. (this value is stated on the annual IBI assessment letter) Calculation assessment: 1.1% on 300,000 € = 3,300 €
    Annual tax: 19% on 3,300 € = €-627 to be paid.

    1. – “Plusvalía” municipal tax. This is a tax calculated on the added value of the property. (Not the house). This added value tax must be paid by the seller.
    2. – 19% tax on the recorded capital gain. (for both residents and non-residents)
    The tax on the realized net profit (net profit: after deduction of all costs incurred, including agent’s commission, lawyer’s fees and the “plusvalía” municipal tax) on the sale of your house is set at 19% in Spain.

    Simulation example surplus value tax. The purchase amount of an apartment was 300,000 Euros (excluding VAT and taxes) and the sale amount is 400,000 Euros. (without VAT and taxes) After deduction of all related expenses, we have a net capital gain of 55,000 Euros. (100,000 Euros – 45,000 Euros costs)
    Capital gain tax to be paid: 55,000 Euros x 19% = 10,450 Euros.

    If you wish to go through all the information in further detail, we gladly refer you to our webpage 👉 >>> BUYING GUIDE



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