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The charm of Marbella

Come and live in Marbella: You are very welcome here!

✅ Marbella is a very affluent city in the province of Malaga, southern Spain. It covers 28 kilometers of curving coastline along the blue Mediterranean Sea.
Currently the population of Marbella is about 125.000 and in summer time it goes up to 300.000.

✅ In the north, Marbella is surrounded by the 1.270 meter high “La Concha” mountain, giving Marbella its unique micro climate.
This unique micro climate gives a very mild weather during winter time. Even in January and February an average daily temperature is around 17 °C and never drops below 7 °C at nights. In summer time temperature is around 31 – 33 °C and drops to 22 °C at nights.

Marbella becomes home for all people, no matter race, culture, background or religion.
Marbella is a real paradise!!
Come here and enjoy with us!!!


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